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SaVeri is globally known for its aesthetically designed centre tables, fire tables, planters, dining tables and chairs which are composed of a special material called MarecoTM that unites craftsmanship and modernism. The designs are original, modern, inspiring, functional and very eye catching. The range can withstand prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun, the rain and other weather elements without showing any corrosion or disfigurement. This beautiful range by “SaVeri” requires absolutely no maintenance. Hand-mixed by each craftsman and applied with scoop and spatula to the formawork, the material is carefully compacted to ensure no air holes are left. For each item, the Ramie fiber is designed in different mats. The secrete detail for non-cracking and strong MARECO concrete furniture. To create an expressive material look, they have transformed the century-old Italian wall plaster technique, which has its origin in the regions of Pauda, Triveso and Venice. Several steps are required to create the unique and shiny surface.  First the surface is sanded, then the pigment is applied with hand pressure to close all pores, afterwards the surface is sanded again. These procedures are done several times. Each craftsman leaves his “fingerprint” and ensures that no two pieces are alike. 

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