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We are now approaching that time of the year which is our all-time favorite! With the festive season casting a big, happy smile at us, we know you have probably started thinking about the convivial gatherings and soirees that you'd want to host for friends and family. And it goes without saying that you'd need to sink your creative energy and seek essentials to make your space festive/party ready. If you are one of those lucky people to have a lavish outdoor space to relax, regale, and rejuvenate, you know it already that you have been given the blessing of the breeze and the boon to enjoy a bit of your own Mother Nature.  

With so much to do, you'd be in need of some decor and furniture assistance, which we are more than happy to provide! Here are a few outdoor space requisites that you need to be armed with to make those parties hot and happenin' - 

1. Start with the basics

Your outdoor space needs to communicate the same comfort and chic vibe as that of your indoor living room, which is why we recommend you cherry-pick furniture pieces that rank high in terms of both visual appeal and quality. Meticulously crafted Mistral Lounge Set from 4 Seasons Outdoor perfectly fits the bill. With its round tubular frame and amply padded cushions, it makes for a stylish option for lounging al fresco. 

2. Create an elegant spot for entertainment

If you want to create your own small shady oasis, there's no guessing that you'd need a parasol. But we aren't just talking about any other parasol but a cantilevered one with a retractable closing system to facilitate ease of use and catch some shade in style. Whether you are lounging or entertaining, this chic parasol from Scolaro will add a touch of beachy aesthetic to your outdoor ensemble and shelter your guests from the elements. 

3. Light it up 

Whether you are looking for a petite option to cast a warm glow over your garden dinner party or a cute lamp that will illuminate your late-night reading session, this portable luminary wonder from Maiori will surely spark a conversation among your friends. Characterized by a stylish industrial-inspired aesthetic, the lamp is powered by solar energy and delivers 300 lumens of light for up to 9 hours. 

4. Add a sophisticated touch of warmth

That we are only a few days away from winter, investing in a sturdy heater that will keep things all nice, warm, and cozy is in order. Falo, an attractive patio heater from the Italian brand Italkero glows with visual flame whilst providing heat in every direction. An aesthetic piece blending form and functionality, Falo will allow your guests to relax and unwind in the comfort of a heat radius.

5. Planters to ante up the ambiance

We can't stress enough on the importance of having beautiful planters frame your entryway, patio or garden, well that's because you can't really miss this absolute outdoor essential! While our fascination with the classic urn silhouette can never really subside, we have, however, got ourselves a new obsession with Capi Europe's modern planters. If you are looking for something that isn't downright avant-garde nor overtly traditional, we believe this gorgeous planter from Capi Europe will right up your alley! Use it house your favorite plants or display it in multiples as a scultural vignette, it will add oodles of style and character to your outdoor space. 

... And you are all set! Put some sprightly music and lay out a hearty spread of yummy nom noms! We bet your guests will be in awe of your organizing skills!

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Opt For Palladio Standard As Per Your Requirement - Expert help and Showcasing available @WorldBazaar showroom. Palladio is a great historical model which belongs to the Scolaro range and has been since thirty years. It is a classic line and it is very important and is in fashion. It is essential for all. It has a broad range of sizes and variants. Palladio has a broad stand and a best range for all place and uses. There is a good relation between quality and rice and it is a diffused item. The historical model belongs to the range of Scolaro range for more than thirty years. They are in fashion and are suited for all milieux. It is a very solid product which is available in an array of variants. It has strong first quality, chosen iroko wood. It is treated and varnished for an external employ. All the accessories are anti-rust treated. There are strong interchangeable ribs 18 mm X 34 mm. There is opening and closing with double pulley. There is acrylic Dralon 350 gr/sq m waterproof Teflon and treated with anti mould. It is accessible with or without valance. You need to opt for the right base according to your requirements.

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