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La Lampe Parc S is inspiring, autonomous, state-of-the-art collection of solar lamps that promise to light up your nights wherever you are. Created from sustainable materials, through low impact processes, and powered by the sun, La Lampe Collection redefines the concept of solar lighting. The solar-powered La Lampe Collection draws its inspiration from the historical streets of Paris. Back in 1677, to the lights of the “Réverbère” gas lamps, people flowed into the streets, earning the French capital the nickname ‘city of light’. La Lampe Collection is created from high performance materials and coatings, engineered so that it will endure long periods under any weather conditions. The base and the frames are made of powder coated recyclable aluminum alloy, and the shades are cut from our renowned Maiori Outdoor Technical Fabric. Maiori Design Studio - A curated multicultural team of in-house designers, technicians, crafting specialists and engineers, Maiori Design Studio is the core of both the brand and the R&D facilities where they feel at home. This group of industrial design maestros works on a collaborative platform where every part has critical input, the studio can output designs that are optimize for industrialization. Over the years, the studio has develop a focus on simple, innovative, versatile and sustainable pieces made with precision and attention to detail. In charge of all design and development for the brand, our team also consults external projects. Features: .100% Solar Powered Lamp .Weather resistant, usable indoor and outdoor .Powder coated recyclable aluminium frame .Shade in Outdoor technical fabric(OTF) .Adjustable height stand 170-130cm .Detachable solar module enables easy recharge .3 Intesity Light level .Auto On/Off activated by Light sensors .2 year warranty
Ublo Love Seat set A visually dynamic seat that is both fresh and modern, but has all the attributes to become a classic. A shape defined by a translation movement between top and bottom.Subtle and well-defined lines convey a real warmth to this seat. One feels welcomed in for a relaxing journey. Close attention has been paid to the light curves and to the overall ergonomics of this piece. A comfortable armchair suggesting an appeasing experience either on the terrace or inside your home or office.
World Bazaar@2018