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30 Jan 314

Hularo outdoor furniture

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Introduction of the concept of Hularo outdoor furniture from Worldbazaar The outdoor hularo furniture represents the mark of modern taste. It is the amalgamation of modernism with the aristocracy. Specially crafted for outdoors there are various sets and patterns of hularo sets of outdoor furniture available. The furniture is available in various patterns and fabrics. The latest versions of hularo outdoor furniture are the 3D models. Ranging from dining sets to outdoor sofa couches to lounger hularo sets of furniture come up with a wide range of categories. They also serve various leisure purposes like throwing a grand banquet at your place or having some me time at the poolside or having a blissful morning tea.

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30 Jan 153

Wicker garden furniture

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Give your garden a style of elegance with the wicker garden furniture from Worldbazaar Wicker garden furniture is specially created to give your garden a ‘sense of simplicity’. The wicker sets of furniture are crafted from the simple design lines. The chairs of the wicker garden furniture come with a reclined seat in order to give support to your back. The comfy designs will benefit you to take the pleasure of outdoor sitting. They also come with UV protector for long-lasting texture. You can prefer various customs designs and fittings as per the requirements. These sets of furniture are especially utilised for the spending quality time with family and friends.

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30 Jan 98


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Hammock: Types and Usage The concept of Hammocks came from the natives of South and Central America where it is used for sleeping. They are usually defined as a sling prepared with various materials like rope, fabric or netting. They are suspended between two stands or points and are used for the purpose of taking a power nap, swinging or resting. It usually comprises of a panel of clothes or a network of woven twines which is stretched with the help of ropes between two definite secure points like poles or trees. Types of Hammocks and its usage There are various sets of hammocks which are distinct in their own style and have individual sets of advantages: ? Spread-Bar Hammock- Commonly seen in the backyards this are established with the help of a metal or wooden bars at the head point and foot point of the hammock. These are generally used for casual purposes rather than sleeping due to its instability at the metacentre. ? Nicaraguan and Mayan Hammock- They are made from woven nylon or cotton string to form a firm net. Mayan hammocks are comparatively looser than Nicaraguan hammocks. The firmness and the quality of the sling bed depend on the quality of weaving and the number of strings used in weaving the same. ? Brazilian Hammock- These are made from cotton strings and are generally much long-lasting than the woven varieties. ? Naval Hammocks- Made from firm cotton or canvas, they are intentionally made durable and can stand the difficulties of ‘shipboard use’. ? Venezuela Hammocks- Also known as jungle hammocks they are the most firm of all. Comprised of ‘breathable false bottoms’ they can endure against not only insect bites or water entry. ? Travel Hammocks- These type of hammocks are mainly popular among travellers and campers. Hammocks are primarily used for leisure activities and often associated with various types of summer beachside performances. World bazaar has the wide variety of headdemock hammock.

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20 Dec 334


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Pick perfect hammock for your adventurous trip from world bazaar. You cannot beat hammock for cozy night’s sleep close to nature and hammock has become much popular with campers, backpackers and scouting groups because they not only keep you away from dirt but also offer protection from elements and pests. But the best part is the selection of the hammock that you want to use. We are sharing you with you some things to consider while choosing the perfect hammock for your adventurous trip. Things to consider while choosing the hammock: 1. Width 2. Length 3. Hammock suspension systems 4. Hammock insulation 5. Bug protection 6. Water proof 7. Tarps

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20 Dec 106

Light weight luxury pots

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Know some tips to choose lightweight luxury pots suggested by the world bazaar. If you are planning to have luxury pots in your home where you can display plants, you must be knowledgeable enough to how to buy the luxury pots. Wooden ones may look great on a deck or in natural settings. Concrete luxury pots can be best suitable to the formal garden. Synthetic pots have a long way in mimicking material like stone but can be very pricey. Tips for choosing the best lightweight luxury pots 1. Style 2. Material 3. Size 4. Quality 5. Usage 6. Shape 7. Make sure that pot contains a drainage hole Get your outdoors, corridors and balcony furnished with the world bazaar.

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20 Dec 97

Outdoor Lighting

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Outshine your entire home with the help of best outdoor lighting available in World Bazaar. Outdoor lighting is an effective way to add safety, beauty and security to your home. Understand which outdoor lights will work best for your home exterior and landscape. There are certain tips that will help you to know what to consider while choosing the best outdoor lighting for your home different exterior parts and that are mentioned below: Tips for choosing outdoor lighting 1. Determine size and placement 2. Wet or damp 3. Type purpose & location 4. Best material & finishes for outdoor lighting 5. Styles 6. Controls 7. Special considerations 8. Maintenance All these tips will help you find the best outdoor lighting that can outshine your home, garden, patio and garage. World Bazaar has wide range of variety of outdoor lighting for resorts, garden, and hotels

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18 Dec 180


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Enjoy tea under a best parasol with your family or friends. If there is a large number of parasol available in the shop then how will you pick the best one for your garden? Umbrella is the important need of the garden where you can enjoy the tea party with your friends under the parasol. Most of the people like having tea or coffee under a parasol with their family and friends. Tips for choosing perfect parasol 1. Where is the parasol standing? 2. Wind exposure 3. Base options 4. Canopy size 5. Centre pole 6. Sidearm 7. Canopy color 8. Heat and light 9. Power supply Find out the best accessories for your outdoor from World Bazaar that enhance the beauty of your home.

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14 Nov 152

Resorts Outdoor Furniture

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If you are looking for Modular Lounge set for the Resort then the best option from 4Seasons is Edge Modular Lounge. This sofa set is modern in design. The colour Ice, combined with the anthracite grey cushions and matt white aluminium legs, ensure a fresh and trendy look and feel. Resorts in Country side will find this sofa set matching their perfect fit as it has weather-resistant anthracite cushions are made from Olefin. WorldBazaar store is unique in its collection and Ranked#1 in PAN INDIA for the collection of great outdoor furniture products. Edge Lounge set is a timeless set promising many years of relaxed enjoyment. It comes with 10 Year of Warranty from 4Seasons backed by exceptional customer service from WorldBazaar.

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14 Nov 304

Outdoor Lighting

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Illuminate your outdoors with World Bazaar India. You can party at outdoor or get together in the evenings which would be warm and clear and enhances the ambience. To make the most of your family and friends’ time, look around your outdoor space to see if the existing lighting works properly. A few updates to your outside lighting can make your outdoor time more enjoyable. And the best part is, it does not have to be complicated or costly to transform your existing patio, deck or pool area into a lovely retreat. Just like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting is most effective if it utilizes overhead, task and ambient light sources. Consider LEDs for their efficiency. The latest outdoor lighting options to make your outdoor space a true oasis are available with World Bazaar.

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14 Nov 308

Headdemock hammock

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When you are going out with your family, a big luxurious hammock made for 2 to 3 people is handy and usable. Chill out in luxurious way and relax quickly without any worry. Whether you are going at a beach or you want to relax at your outdoor, this luxury offers enough space. It does not need trees or a rope to hang. This fatboy branded hammock has a sturdy frame attaches that can create a comfortable hangout in your balcony or your garden area . It takes a small space that has dimensions 140*280 and can carry weight upto 200kg. It can be carried anywhere, simply store your hammock in the bags. This fatboy hammock can be cleaned with lukewarm water and natural soap. Enjoy the rain by putting the hammock in your balcony. It will give you experience of a perfect outing with your family and friends. This headdemock is manufactured from durable materials. A sling shape hammock made of thick fabric layering up with the soft foam. World Bazaar has variety of hammock in many shapes and sizes.

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14 Nov 144

Light Weight Luxury Pots

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Every home needs a planters which can be moved anywhere easily. For many home owners, gardening does more than beautifying your yard.Gardening is a low impact physical activity. Working in nature decreases stress levels and improves mental clarity. World Bazaar has products inspired by various styles for hotels, corridors, restaurants. Place these planters in your garden area. Capi Europe creates unusual planters for indoors and outdoors. Visit our store World Bazaar for wide range of luxurious outdoor planteEvery home needs a planter that matches your personality. World Bazaar offers you light weight luxury pots for your favourite plant .We have a best brand “capi” for luxury designed pots for your garden area, corridors, gallery and balcony in many shapes and sizes. A lightweight luxury pots are also available whirs.

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14 Nov 303


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If you are sitting outdoors and the scorching heat of sun hinders the way, World Bazaar brings a Parasol which protects you from sun and rain. Scolaro parasols covers a large area, you can sit with a group of people under one parasol with the revolving base of 360*. Whether it’s a hot sun or a thunderstorms,you can chill out in any season with wind stop technology. It is a great accessory for the outdoors adding the glory of your garden. Enjoy your outdoor time with your family and loved ones.World Bazaar provides a parasols for restaurants,resorts and hotels. It protects you from harmful UV rays of sun,hot and humid climate. Parasols from Scolaro have various designs and shapes. World Bazaar has a great variety of parasols designed for restaurants and professional use.

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23 Oct 186

Resorts Outdoor Furniture

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If you are looking for Modular Lounge set for the Resort then the best option from 4Seasons is Edge Modular Lounge. This sofa set is modern in design. The colour Ice, combined with the anthracite grey cushions and matt white aluminium legs, ensure a fresh and trendy look and feel. Resorts in Country side will find this sofa set matching their perfect fit as it has weather-resistant anthracite cushions are made from Olefin. WorldBazaar store is unique in its collection and Ranked#1 in PAN INDIA for the collection of great outdoor furniture products. Edge Lounge set is a timeless set promising many years of relaxed enjoyment. It comes with 10 Year of Warranty from 4Seasons backed by exceptional customer service from WorldBazaar.

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23 Oct 212

Evora Lounge Set

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4Seasons Outdoor Furniture has variety of sofa sets for Lounge. At WorldBazaar you will find quintessential collection of sofa sets from 4Seasons brand. Management at WorldBazaar has over 15+ Years of experience of providing best tailored products from exceptional brands like 4Seasons. To name few sofa sets which are contemporary in design and their aesthetics brings out exceptional experience for consumers are: Evora, Amalfi, Orion, Fidji Lounge. WorldBazaar recommends Evora as the premium choice for Hotels Outdoor furniture as it is a robust set with a modular system, crafted from teak. The sturdy design has slightly slanted armrests and can be assembled in different ways. Customization is available in this sofa set, you can choose to create a lounge sofa by fitting modules together or you can choose a set consisting of the lounge chair and a 2.5-seater sofa. Evora has captured its place in Hotels in Europe and it can also be a great fit for your Hotels as it is a sturdy lounge set with an accessible character and delightful seating comfort! To know more about Evora Pricing, please Enquire at

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22 Oct 76

Outdoor Heaters

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Heaters are ideal for warming the patio in winters when you sit in outdoors. After all, curling up in your favorite chair with a book, a glass of wine, or just good company becomes that much more special when you're accompanied by the glowing embers of a welcoming fireplace. When you are planning a dinner with your loved ones your outdoor is the best place for warming up .If you enjoy sitting in your lawn late at night, then nothing must stand in the way of your wishes. Not even a cold breezy weather. A patio heater will elegantly supply you with warmth outside your house, so you can have your perfect romantic dinner or an outdoor party. These heaters are not only elegant in style but they also levelUp your outdoor space with perfect warmth. You can avail these heater as Outdoor furniture in Hotels from WorldBazaar is the leader in sourcing all major outdoor furniture brands for NCR. Checkout the latest ratings of WorldBazaar on Google, you will be happily satisfied to purchase the heaters from their Inventory of products dealing in all major brands for Outdoor furniture.

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09 Oct 284


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Parasols are a great addition to your outdoor it protects you from sun and rain. When you want to enjoy the outdoor time with your family the hot sun and the heavy rain is hinder your way. It covers you and protect you from wind, sun and rain, and you can enjoy a longer time with your loved ones. It protects you from the harmful rays of sun . It is in the umbrella shape and water proof and also protect you from hot and humid climate . All fabrics used for the covers of the umbrellas have a waterproof and anti-mold treatment, thus make these parasols to last longer.

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09 Oct 94

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 1934

“We stumbled upon this brand and loved the designs and concepts. The new Tutch© looks like a real stone heavy duty planter but is lightweight. That means that if you want to let out a property but retrieve plants, it is possible as moving them becomes easy. You can save by doing this with no hired help. They say ;’Tutch© is a completely newly developed product from Capi Europe. But with a remarkable shift in the production technology and materials used. The Tutch© collection is fully recyclable. For Capi Europe this means a historic shift from conventional to sustainable. The Tutch© collection has a natural finish. It looks like a stone planter, but is much lighter and unbreakable. However, this is not visible until you touch or move the planter. And last but not least; you will receive a 10 year warranty!’

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09 Oct 140

5 reasons to Choose Wicker for your Garden Furniture!

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When choosing the right garden furniture involves many different facets. Which style do you want to go? Is the set comfortable? How do I maintain the equipment? It is a matter of taste, but also a question of quality and the right choices. Each material has its own advantages and appearance, it just depends on what suits you and your garden! In this blog we will discuss on the wicker material. What are the benefits of wicker and if you choose this material? 1. Lightweight Wicker is lightweight and easy to lift and carry, yet its unique woven design also makes it incredibly sturdy and perfect for guests of all sizes, even children. If you are worried about kids who may tip over your wicker seats while playing, consider weighting them down with thick outdoor cushions; these accessories will also protect your other wicker outdoor patio furniture from damage. 2. Durable Wicker furniture is durable. Wicker outdoor furniture is usually made of rattan, a type of sturdy vine that grows in tropical areas and is known for its strength. However, you can also find wicker furniture sets made of bamboo or reed. Though the natural materials used in this type of patio furniture make it environmentally friendly, wicker furniture sets that don’t have a waterproof coating can also deteriorate quickly when exposed to rain or direct sunlight. 3. Style Wicker has a classic design and goes with any style. While the word “wicker” may bring images of white wicker garden furniture to mind, you can actually find this iconic design in cream, tan, brown, black and even olive green shades. Consider the colors and style of your home before purchasing any wicker outdoor furniture. The color of your wicker patio set or garden furniture can either contrast with or complement the exterior of your home, depending on the atmosphere you want in your backyard. 4. Maintenance friendly Choosing a wicker as garden furniture means choosing low maintenance garden furniture . All you need to do is to clean the set. It is recommended to treat off your set and then also with a special cleaner. Wicker furniture of high quality, you can leave it outside in the winter, but cover or store in a shed helps in prolonging the life of your Patio Set! 5. Price Of course there is a difference in quality between different types of wicker, it can be very cheap but also expensive. For every budget there is almost possible to find a wicker garden furniture! Are you really looking for wicker garden furniture which remains beautiful in any weather and years go the distance? Then it is advisable not to go for a cheap model. Cheap is expensive and buy a nice set where you have long pleasure is worth a lot.

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06 Oct 140

Who is Paul ?

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“Paul” is not a name of any furniture designer, but a French brand (Qui est paul), that tells the story of the life and values of a man through the objects he acquired and hold. Bringing an ultra ravishing design edge to any outdoor setting, Qui est Paul’s elegant and unique creations are a perfect blend of modern aesthetic with high level comfort and functionality. This brand is introduced in India by none other than WORLD BAZAAR, a brand known to introduce the best of the outdoor furniture world in India. According to Mr. Randip Dhingra –MD of World Bazaar, “With Qui est paul, you can transform your outdoor with a blink of an eye. This brand manufactures each piece at their factory in Charente, France, where they control all stages of production and ensure the highest of quality. The brand works in association with designers who bring each their personalities and their vision of the design to Qui est paul. They offer wide ranges of products quite more original the some than the others.The material which they use, the polyethylene is a completely renewable (recyclable ) and environment-friendly material which allows them to shape quite their products. With their mastery in rotational molding, they produce sculptural pieces that still remain lightweight, functional and ergonomic and are 100% recyclable and feature quality made in France. The brand comes in a range of 14 (17!) bold and vibrant colours. You can choose almost any color, right from the bright shades such as yellow and red to more subtle shades like grey and burgundy for your terrace, poolside, garden or anywhere”.

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06 Oct 327

Media Archive : CW Interiors

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 548

CW INTERIORS India and Gulf’s first B2B Interiors Magazine, the focus of the magazine is to generate ideas and opportunities. Exclusive magazine and an invaluable tool to the interior, design and decor segment and the professionals. Here are the Media Archive from CW Interiors about World Bazaar India.

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06 Oct 285

Keep out the sun in style !

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Nothing beats sitting outside in the sun enjoying your garden and sharing time with your beloved ones. Sitting in the shade of a parasol whilst the sun shines means you can stay outdoor for longer without any fear of sun damage or getting burnt. In India, where sun is brighter and rains are always on heavy side, one needs to have the most promising parasol for their patio or garden area. Keeping these extreme climatic conditions in mind, WORLD BAZAAR a premium outdoor and indoor furniture showroom have launched Italian brand “Scolaro Parasols”. According to Mr. Randip Dhingra –MD- WORLD BAZAAR, “SCOLARO PARASOLS is known throughout Europe for its high quality products, genuine Italian design and constant technical innovations. All fabrics used for the covers of the umbrellas have a waterproof and anti-mold treatment, thus make these parasols to last longer. Scolaro Parasols are built up with strong marine varnished Iroko wood frame and powder coated anthracite steel components. A canopy is woven from a highly durable Teflon coated Draylon acrylic. The revolving base and the possibility to incline the parasols allow and excellent positioning of the garden parasols”. The range is available in wood, aluminum, with central pole, side pole or with telescopic frame.

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06 Oct 288

Your Perfect Backyard Comrade : Louisiane Bench

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Quality steel construction and a timeless shape define the Louisiane Bench from Fermob. Meticulously crafted using sturdy steel slats, the design of this bench is reminiscent of classic wooden park benches and perfectly at home in any outdoor setting. The Louisiane Bench creates the perfect garden seat and brings out the youthful spirit in all who look upon it. Ecological paint used by Fermob protects both the environment and your health.They are 100% recyclable and are recycled in a zero-waste installation. Features: Steel frame and galvanized steel slats Assembly required Three-year guarantee High Protection Treatment for outdoor use Anti-UV powder coating

#outdoor benches

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06 Oct 228

Understanding Hularo

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 491

Designed in Germany, Hularo® fiber is polyethylene based enabling complete, residue-free recycling, extruded and vat-dyed for durability. The material is extremely robust, tear-proof and largely resistant to influences such as ultraviolet light, chlorine water, salt water, temperature fluctuations, dirt, microorganisms and body lotion.Moreover Hularo® does not require any special cleaning products; they can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. Hularo outdoor furniture is both stylish and ideally suited to the Indian climate. World bazaar India is offering finest Hularo® furniture which is almost impossible to tell apart from natural rattan. It is entirely hand woven around powder coated aluminium frames by the most skilled weavers in the world to create garden furniture that is unparalleled in quality and retains its beautiful appearance for many years.

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05 Oct 249

Keep it Light and classy!!

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Every Home deserves a planter that looks nothing but a “work of art” yet light and easy to carry, so that decor can be modified as per season,mood or just like that. It does not matter if you have small patio or small yard you can still have a small garden in your home or office by using contemporary planters that can add value to your place. Blame World bazaar India for opening up the profusion of choices to the people of Delhi with premier taste. Capi Europe which was introduced in India by World bazaar is one of the most unique and innovative European companies distinguishes itself in honesty, innovation and service. The company was founded in 1997 by Toine van de Ven. Capi Europe is renowned for its large, luxurious, yet extremely lightweight planters for both indoors and outdoors use, all handmade and are subjected to various levels of finishing, making each product unique , frost resistant and damp proof. Take your garden to the next level of “Classiness”.

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05 Oct 148

Saint Tropez Low Armchair : Relax the french way!!

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A wonderfully comfortable place to relax, doze or read a book, the Saint Tropez Low Armchair embodies pure class and elegance. This super comfortable arm chair comes with arm rests also includes a co-ordinated foot stool. Both were inspired by the design of Fermob’s iconic Luxembourg Low Armchair & stool but with a humorous & ergonomic twist, by using brightly coloured flexible polymer wires. The elasticity of this material will mold itself to the user, returning to its original shape afterward. The Saint Tropez Low Armchair is available with an optional footrest and in several lively, Fermob colors, making it versatile enough to fit with any outdoor furniture range. The multiple, flexible polymer wired seat & backrest mould themselves to the user. This creates an even & extremely comfortable lounging experience rather than a conventional, non flexible lounger that only provides point support to the user.After use, the flexible polymer wired seat & backrest return to their original tension – making for an inviting lounger chair & stool.

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05 Oct 280

“Huggy” collection by Maiori : No hurt, Only hug !

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 1076

Huggy collection was designed by French designer Antoine Lesur who set out to design a collection derived from the simplest forms. He began by drawing a bar stool on paper, in consideration of how a child would do it. The resulting form was composed of two basic circles that defined the seat and the footrest, both connected via four supporting pillars. This illustration was extended into a bar table, two stools, two tables, an armchair and a hanger – forming the Huggy collection. The Huggy collection bears soft curves with zero sharp edges. This consistent feature inspired the collection’s namesake, as Lesur explains, “the collection is like a ‘hug’. There are no sharp angles or edges. You can never hurt yourself.” Each design is seemingly full of character, but at the same time, the pieces composed of a restrained aesthetic with well-considered proportions that enable versatile usage. For instance, the armchair is ideal for cafes or bistros due to its reduced form. It takes up minimum space but does not compromise comfort. Every piece in the Huggy collection was designed to complement other furniture, but they can also be united to function as a set. “I wanted to create something iconic that you can see in a cafe, terrace or restaurant and remember its form. At the same time, each design can exist individually,” elaborates Lesur. Manufactured by Maiori with a Aluminium T6 body, every piece is lightweight yet sturdy.

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05 Oct 106

“World bazaar” collaborates with Italian Brand “Maiori”

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 1312

“World bazaar” has built a grounded reputation for offering luxury outdoor living concepts & inspiration from the cultures all over the the World and has now recently added the Italian outdoor furniture “Maiori” to its ever growing portfolio. Established in 1989, Maiori designs, makes and markets smart, sustainable outdoor furniture and solar lighting that is versatile, user friendly and innovative. Maiori’s design philosophy is research and develop a design language that blends traditional craft-work and forward-thinking engineering to create quality products that are free from complexity yet considered in details. Maiori creates their furniture, lighting and accessories following strict sustainability and traceability standards, using the most advanced materials and coatings available . They are known to put their designs through the most demanding quality tests to ensure they serve its purpose for long time, no matter what abuse or weather conditions.

#sustainable outdoor furniture

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05 Oct 230

Warming up the outdoors in Style : Italkero

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 1240

If you enjoy sitting in your lawn late at night, then nothing must stand in the way of your wishes. Not even a cold breezy weather. A patio heater will elegantly supply you with warmth outside your house, so you can have your perfect romantic dinner or an outdoor party. To make sure your guests enjoy every part of the evening save the cold weather, world bazaar brings you patio heaters that will also look graceful in your outdoor setting. According to Mr. Randip Dhingra-MD (World Bazaar), “The Italkero Patio Heaters can enhance any outdoor living area during day and night. These are the gas patio heaters which can be installed at terraces, patios or any commercial properties like restaurant, bars, hotels or resorts so that you and your guests can enjoy winters without worrying. We have introduced Dolce Vita and Falo Heaters at our store. They both are manufactured to a very high standard in Italy and are placed at very high class hotels and restaurants world wide”. The 2.8m Tall Lightfire Dolce Vita gas patio heater by ITALKERO is a stunning design with a large flame and optional lighting. The combination of lighting and heating within one single unit saves overall cost and allows the design of stunning outdoor living spaces. This is ideal for use in both the winter and summer during the day or at night. Another product the 2.4M tall FALO has the tall stunning flame that will create a stunning outdoor heating feature. Italkero gas patio heaters are taller than all other heaters on the market with a stunning ribbon of flame. There are additional features available like gas types, trolleys, tables, lighting and even remote control.

#warm up your nights

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05 Oct 294

Chill out, sleep, dream, or simply hang lose !!

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Whether you are alone, with your friend or partner, or in a group, this luxury hammock offers enough space for several people at one time. Amazingly, it doesn’t need trees or rope to hang. It safely attaches to a sturdy frame so anyone can create a comfortable hang-out in their garden or on their balcony and can easily accommodates several people at one time. Fatboy Headdemock will make you feel like you’re sipping a coconut on a sunny beach in Hawaii .Its will let you experience a perfect Outdoor Retreat. The Fatboy Headdemock hammock was designed in the year 2006 by Alex Bergman.It has the dimensions of 140 x 280 cm and weight up to 200 kg. The frame is made of robust black metal tube and the Headdemock is manufactured from durable materials, with water- and UV ray-resistant fabric.With its comfortably soft surface this luxury hammock becomes a wonderful place for recharging yourself. Certainly there is nothing to be said against using it indoors in your living room or bedroom.

#Luxury hammrock # comfortable hammrock

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05 Oct 105

10 Reasons to choose ” 4 seasons outdoor ” furniture for your garden !

Written By: World Bazaar Published In: World Bazaar Hits: 339

The name – 4 Seasons Outdoor – says it all. Stylish design and robust quality. Celebrate being outdoors in every season with 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture.High-quality design furniture that allows you to enjoy the sun, but which can easily cope with a shower.4 Seasons Outdoor range available at World Bazaar is a very complete assortment of garden furniture. It offers a world of many possible combinations, classic and traditional, modern and clear-lined, robust and solid or young and minimalist. This highly appreciated range offer a three year guarantee on all their wicker furniture. 1. Low on maintenance : All “4 Seasons Outdoors” furniture brand is manufactured to very high standard using materials that require very little maintenance, creating a collection that will retain its beautiful appearance for many years. 2. Suits every style : 4 Seasons Outdoor offers garden furniture and accessories in wicker, stainless steel, Textilene and teak. With its extensive range, 4 Seasons Outdoor has a set that suits every style and every garden. An innovative A-brand with class! 3. Hand Crafted : It is entirely hand woven around powder coated aluminium frames by the most skilled weavers in the world to create garden furniture that is unrivalled in quality. 4. Rain won’t hurt : Because of its oxide film, stainless steel does not rust. And this oxide film is one of the reasons why 4 Seasons Outdoor’s range of stainless steel furniture is just perfect for our often inclement weather. 5. European Touch : The European designers at 4 Seasons Outdoor work closely with the manufacturers in Indonesia. It is on this unique basis that 4 Seasons Outdoor takes on the challenge of surprising the market with new developments every year. 6. Ergonomic comfort : 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture is all innovative creations by leading designers combining a fabulous finish. with ergonomic comfort and durability. 7. Cool to Extremes temperature : It has all been tested to withstand temperatures ranging from -70°C to + 80°C, making it extremely resistant to UV exposure and extremes in temperature”. 8. High on variety : It offers a world of many possible combinations, classic and traditional, modern and clear-lined, robust and solid or young and minimalist 9. Three year guarantee : 4 Seasons Outdoor offers a 3 year guarantee on all its garden furniture, from lounge garden furniture to teak sets and from stainless steel items to exclusive garden tables. 10. Ten years guarantee on Hularo : Hularo Fiber has a 10 years guarantee against peeling, fading and cracking.

#outdoor luxury furniture #4 seasons outdoor furniture

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05 Oct 123

French touch at the edge of your pool!

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Bask in the glory of summer resting on a terrace or a poolside with the french ” Organic Pool Lounger” . This stylish Pool Lounger scores with a great mix of jagged edges and rounded lines. The open structure with its organic and simple forms is far more than just a sun, but a true furniture sculpture.”Organic” does all conformism behind and turn your garden into a unique place – always on the cutting edge! Fusion between the lounge spirit and work on organic shapes, this lounge chair as been sculpted in order to bring an optimized comfort to its users.Thanks to its slim lines it will look at home in any natural settings. The lightness of its base brings an increased visual lightness as well as comfort. It will add distinction to any of your interiors, on you terraces or by your pool. Neither rain nor UV light can breach them. Whether on the terrace or next to the pool. In addition, this “Organic ” is also available in a variety of vibrant colors that offer just as many ways to create his own style. For indoor and outdoor, UV-resistant, can withstand temperatures between -60 ° C and + 50 ° C – fully recyclable . Give your home a touch of glamour with this vibrant yet sophisticated “Pool Lounger “

#stylish pool lounger

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05 Oct 310

How to pick the right outdoor furniture for your home

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Picture yourself out on the deck or patio surrounded by friends and family, a cool drink in hand. A gentle breeze stirs the leaves as you bask in the cool air and breathe in the fragrances of the garden. Now imagine that place is in your own backyard. The comfort of your backyard retreat, however, can only be experienced with just the right outdoor furniture.The right outdoor furniture can transform your outdoor living space into a special place to relax and enjoy. Here’s how you can select luxury outdoor furniture that will add charm to your garden and bring comfort and pleasure to you and your guests. Space The first step in identifying the right furniture is to think about how you want to use your outdoor space will you entertain large groups of people or host smaller, more intimate gatherings? Do you eat outside or just read and relax? Do you use it year-round or seasonally? How many people do you want to seat?How big is your outdoor living space? Is it exposed to the elements? Is there a view you want to highlight? Answers to these questions will point you in the right direction for what to buy.Your space and the type of entertaining you do shape the kind of furniture you need. Decide What You Need Garden furniture typically includes dining tables, bar tables, chairs, loungers, benches, side tables, and storage pieces. Big Decorative Planters, Parasols, patio swings, and fire pits are popular accessories.Apply what you know about your space and how you want to use it to figure how what pieces and how many of each you need. Choose the right Material Rattan, and certain metals combine the durability, comfort, and design you want in luxury outdoor furniture.Teak is the classic hardwood for outdoor furniture. One of the most durable woods, teak is handsome, strong, and maintenance free. ‘Rattan’ is made from synthetic plastic, making it lightweight as well as durable. It is unaffected by all weather conditions, and is often paired with cushions. Stainless steel and aluminium are also lightweight and durable. Their sleek lines are ideal for contemporary styles. Wrought iron is heavy; it’s hard to move, but stable in high winds. Look for Quality and Comfort Above all else, Patio furniture must be comfortable. Sit in chairs and loungers; are the seats roomy and the backrests comfortable? Pull chairs in close to the table to make sure the chairs are the right height for the table and that there is enough legroom. Any cushions should have ample padding.Luxury outdoor furniture balances style with comfort, quality, and durability—just what you want for fine outdoor living. Looking for Patio furniture ?

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04 Oct 75

Garden furniture trends to watch out for!

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Looking for some garden inspiration ? We have listed the some nicest garden furniture trends for you in 2017! Last year it was already a trend: reaching out. This trend continues this year as well, and we will see lounge sets that are completely lined with fabric. These lounge desks do not bother you for lounges to put in. The difference is that the durable lining has been developed to stay nice in weather and wind. The comfortable and luxurious look makes your garden an extraordinary (outside) room, where you can sit and lounge as well! Scandinavian design has been a trend in the interior area for a long time, which translates into outside. Typical for Scandinavian style are the natural shades, simple and efficient design and the use of wood combined with soft colors. The contrast between hard and soft or cool and warm makes this trend so attractive. The design speaks and the simple, clear shapes give a calm image. Opposite the light and fresh Scandinavian trend is black. We are increasingly seeing black in the garden, perhaps because it contrasts so beautifully with greenery? With black you make a statement and give your garden clear shape. Nice to add extra heat by using (teak) wood! Do you like modern design? Then this trend has been written on your mind. Floating back parts, slanting legs and graphic shapes: These garden furniture are a true work of art and give an almost Dutch charm to your garden or terrace.

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04 Oct 261

Illuminate your Outdoors with “World Bazaar India” !!

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World bazaar brings you the umpteen choices for lighting up your Garden, backyard, entryway, terrace, driveway or whatever, the possibilities are immense. Enliven your decor with a new addition where the bright light accentuates your outdoor space making it livelier and happier. Brighten an entryway with a hanging design, add style to outside walls or ceilings, or use post lights to improve your driveway and garage areas. World Bazaar spoils you for choices with the collection of the world renowned brands like Maiori Furniture, Fermob, Fatboy, Qui-est-Paul and De–Lite. La Lampe Collection by “Maiori” La Lampe is an inspiring, autonomous, state-of-the-art collection of solar lamps by Maiori that promise to light up your nights wherever you are. Created from sustainable materials, through low impact processes, and powered by the sun, La Lampe Collection redefines the concept of solar lighting. The solar-powered La Lampe Collection draws its inspiration from the historical streets of Paris. Back in 1677, to the lights of the “Réverbère” gas lamps, people flowed into the streets, earning the French capital the nickname ‘city of light’. Portable lamps by “Fatboy” Fatboy products are grand, durable, iconic and indispensable in both looks and functionality.The modern lamp designs by Fatboy, for both indoor and outdoor use, are powered by LED technology. You can be in maximum control with our newest dimmable feature in the shape of an oversized red remote (available for Edison the Medium and Edison the Grand. Uniquely wireless, Edison the petit is portable, rechargeable and ready for use wherever you want. Indoors, outdoors, at home or at the office. Balad by “Fermob” Fermob’s Balad is a fun and versatile light that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its white streamlined shade and simple handle the light resembles a pleasant, contemporary lantern. Balad is easy to carry from one place to another since the rechargeable LED technology makes it cordless. The small lamp features two brightness levels and the large lamp three. Balad lights up any setting with its white light and vibrant colours, and makes a great lamp for terraces, gardens and summer cottages. Rock Garden by “Qui est Paul” Light brings these installations to life, creating a focal point to your plant pots, the hexagonal design allows you to form a “carpet” of pots. These pots can be used to define boundaries, exits and entrances… Polyethylene HD tinted in the mass. Resist UV like at temperatures active of -60°C with 50°C. Usable indoor or outdoor (evacuation of water). Tips: clean with a soft duster, a mixture of warm water and non-aggressive detergent. Do not use bleach, or aggressive detergent. Source of light (not provided): 60 Watts. C LED lamps by “De–Lite” De–Lite manufactures and markets technologically advanced rechargeable LED lamps and Mood Lights and innovative design . The strength of De – Lite lies in the continuous research and innovation and the development of strong partnerships with other Brands that lead to the creation of new and exciting products . The collection cover a wide variety of needs and uses. Our line of lamps can illuminate your surroundings according to your preferences to create new atmospheres every day.

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04 Oct 175

Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet : Reminiscent of fairytales !

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Whether flying or not, this rug from Fatboy is almost as exceptional as a fairytale rug. The Non Flying Carpet, the rug for a cosy atmosphere.Inspired by authentic Kelim and Persian carpets, reinvented by Fatboy. Featuring unexpected detailing and beautifully faded patterns the Non-Flying Carpets create instant atmosphere with a typical Fatboy twist. If you’re looking for a design to fit your garden terrace our Mediterranean tile inspired Non-Flying carpets might be your perfect match. The Non-Flying Carpets are meant for in- and outdoor use. The underside of the Non-Flying Carpet features an anti-slip layer. Its water-resistant top coating allows you to use these elegant rugs wherever you like! Brighten up your garden, roof terrace or living room in no time with the Non-Flying Carpet! The many variants of this Fatboy rug mean that you can make your own conception of colour and size come true with a flick of the hand. The Non Flying Carpet is available with multiple prints and themes and has a vintage look. Typical of Fatboy products, functionality plays a key role. The Non Flying Carpet has a slip-free base and a dirt-resistant surface, meaning it can also be used outside.

#Non-Flying Carpets

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04 Oct 313

10 Reasons to choose Capi Europe planters for your Home & Garden!

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Capi Europe is one of the most unique European pottery companies: with respect for the past and driven by the future. The company was founded in 1997 by Toine van de Ven. Capi Europe distinguishes itself in honesty, innovation and service. Capi Europe has pots in different shapes and structures from modern to classic. Capi’s products may be recognised by the high quality of their workmanship and natural look. All products are made by hand and are subjected to various levels of finishing. Here are the 10 Reasons to choose Capi Europe Planters : 1. Handmade : The pots are handmade, which ensures that each piece is given a different appearance. Each pot is unique. 2. 10 year guarantee : Capi Europe gives a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects on almost every product. 3. Super lightweight : Capi Europe products are handmade with a base of crush granite. Polyester is used as binding agent and the fiberglass as stabilizer. After, the product goes to an elaborated polishing. The results: lighter planters, without compromise at the design and the finishing level, in a modern style. 4. Recyclable : Managing natural resources responsibly is more important than ever. Pots are of polyethylene and 100% recyclable. Polyethylene is easily reusable. Old pots will soon form the basis of new pots. Another advantage of Dutch production is working with quality raw materials. 5. UV-resistant : Most planters from the Capi Europe are UV-resistant making them durable and long lasting. 6. Frost resistant : The unique thing about these pots is that they do not consist of one but two layers. That makes the pots enormously strong and extremely light. The inner layer is composed in such a way that it provides the plant with optimum insulation during periods of heat and frost. 7. Stylish design : Characterised by a very wide range of pots, brought together by a recognisable style. The Capi Europe pots are handmade and have a very high level of finish. The collection is available in a modern and sleek finish as well. 8. Available in Extra Large sizes : Large pots bring a certain calm to the garden. Several pots placed next to each other also complement each other. It gives a stately but also rugged appearance. 9. Pots with Personality : Be inspired by the various styles that the collections offer! From modern to majestic from robust to rural. This means that you can see at a glance which collection of planters best matches you! 10. Availability : Now available in India at the Luxury outdoor furniture store of ” World Bazaar ” at MG Road, New Delhi. Visit showroom and ask for the pots that matches your personality and taste.

#Europe planters # European pottery

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04 Oct 261

Saveri : Reconnect with Nature !

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SaVeri is the reputed German brand of outdoor furniture, which is made out of special material called MARECO® — a mixture of cement, sand and granite reinforced with natural fibre. The SaVeri collection is a complete assortment of outdoor furniture, which includes armchairs, dining sets, coffee tables, foot stools and others. World Bazaar had unveiled the ‘SaVeri’ German furniture collection in India in 2012. The collection includes outdoor furniture made up of cement and concrete.The furniture is made out of special material MARECO® — which is a mixture of cement, sand and granite reinforced with natural fibre. For the surface polish, the old Venetian wall plaster technique has been transformed. It is the most contemporary look available in the world market today, according to Mr Randip Dhingra. Riya Chatterjee, an interior designer based in Kolkata, says, “An armchair made from cement, sand and granite or stones may not look very comfortable at first glance, but design enthusiasts valuing stark elegance and extravagant ideas are increasingly turning their attention to concrete furniture, which is durable, comfortable and appealing at the same time.” Brand ‘SaVeri’ is a good choice for the environment, as the products are made by using renewable raw materials and the production is CO2-free. Another highlight of the collection is product durability — the ‘SaVeri’ furniture range will have the same strength even after many years, as when they were new. The designs are original, modern, inspiring, functional and very eye-catchy. The range can withstand prolonged UV exposure and temperature extremes. This beautiful range by “SaVeri” requires no maintenance. The extent of cleaning this range involves wiping it down with a damp washcloth to remove any dust or debris.

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04 Oct 175

Go vertical with “Greens by Maiori”

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You also don’t need a big space to unleash your inner green-thumb. If you have 0.3 square meters of floor space, you have a garden, it is that simple, meet Greens, by Maiori Design. Designed as a simple drip watering system, Greens allows water to flow from top to bottom, eliminating water paddles and overwatering, ideal for interior spaces. Need a temporal garden? Just disassemble Greens, it all fits stacked in the space of one pot. Bring your garden with you, or dress up any event, with minimum hassle.Greens Vertical Garden System is modular, which means endless combinations of heights and colours are possible. From one simple balcony wall to a big perimeter, just plug & play Greens to suit your garden and space needs, or desires… Cater to the practical – provide places to hold a drink; adequate sun shade, etc. And don’t forget to accessorise. Taking a cue from the accents you’d choose for your interior living space is a great way to complete an inviting outdoor space.Add pops of brights to your base palette of grey, brown, white and beige to create a whole new look – hint: this year, blue will be the thing.

#garden accessories #design your garden

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04 Oct 291

Go Eco-friendly with Worldbazaar !

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Making environment friendly choices in furnishing your home or office can make a big difference in your impact on the planet and your health. Worldbazaar is replete with Eco-friendly outdoor furniture options. Have a look: The production process at Fermob is highly strict & sustainable. It checks everything from the raw materials, welds, paintwork, and assembly. The paint used to brighten up the tables, chairs, and benches is solvent-free and UV-proof paint that withstand the test of time. Outdoor fabrics and recycled canvas covers are both mold-resistant and UV-resistant, also chosen to last years without wear and tear. Made completely from recycled and recyclable metal, this seating trend requires little upkeep and is made to last generations. Fermob collection is available at Worldbazaar (MG Road). Combined with an ecological approach , based on the recycling of materials , Qui est Paul attach paramount importance to the impact of the development on the environment.With their mastery in rotational molding, they produce sculptural pieces that still remain lightweight, functional and ergonomic and are 100% recyclable and feature quality made in France.Their first creation , the chair Translation Kylie Alain Gilles ,is made from recycled plastic plugs.All products are 100% recyclable.Qui est Paul Eco-friendly collection is available at Worldbazaar in MG Road. Hularo is synonymous with the absolute top in synthetic wicker. That’s why we give a guarantee of no less than 10 years on our wicker! It’s easy to clean, durable and resistant to UV rays, salt water, lotions, chlorine and alcohol. It’s not easy to tell Hularo apart from real rattan, except for the countless benefits it offers compared to natural materials. Hularo is colourfast and available in a wide range of natural tints. The materials contain no hazardous substances and can be fully recycled. Hularo Furniture is available at worldbazaar. Managing natural resources responsibly is more important than ever according to “Capi Europe“. The Luxury Planters by Capi Europe are of polyethylene and 100% recyclable. Polyethylene is easily reusable. Old pots will soon form the basis of new pots. Another advantage of Dutch production is working with quality raw materials.The Capi Tutch series has the look of rough natural stone. The pots are produced in the Netherlands .Capi Europe Available at worldbazaar. Looking for Eco-friendly and sustainable furniture ?

#comfort is luxury

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04 Oct 270

Party is no fun without “High table Garden Party set” !

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Create islands full of life where people can have a drink or enjoy a meal. Set the party mood with this “High table Garden Party set” which is beautiful , Eco-friendly and so practical. For your show-rooms, booths, gardens and terraces “Party high table set ” is the solution. Indoor AND outdoor.It let you imagine all sorts of compositions. For private or public spaces. The tablet is made of Translucent PMMA (Plexiglas) 12 mm. The table can accommodate for up to five persons if they are eating and a lot more if it is all about sharing a glass of champagne. The tablet can very cleverly be adapted around a standard tall Rock Garden Planter in order to create a high table. The assembly is as simple as can be, and the transport facilitated when disassembled. The Dimensions of the table is 144 cm x 108 cm x 135 cm (L x D x H) / Tablet Height: 110 cm Polyethylene HD tinted in the mass. UV-resistant, and temperatures ranging from -60°C to +50°C. Usable indoor or outdoor.

#Furnish your garden area #High table garden party set

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03 Oct 231

FERMOB: A Great French Success Story

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Thanks to Fermob, French art de vivre can now be found across the globe – not only in the privacy of the home but also on hotel and restaurant patios and in the green spaces and iconic locations of cities worldwide. With items of outdoor furniture manufactured for any space, from the smallest balcony and patio to the largest gardens, in a wide variety of unique colours, Fermob is adding an innovative touch to a market that has, up until now, been noticeably lacking in colour. Fermob’s robust and aesthetically pleasing high-quality products represent the next generation following on from some illustrious ancestors, continuing in the vein of this joyful, invigorating, elegant and innovative brand. In order to understand the history of Fermob, we must go back to the late nineteenth century at a time when the only companies in the Lyon region working with iron did so for purposes of ornamentation. Iron was cut up, formed, forged, welded and painted. All these technical skills have been inherited by Fermob. It was at this time that a craftsman in Thoissey, where the company is still based today, had the idea of diversifying his business: from a scroll on a cross or a portal to a scroll on a chair back was only a small step that he was quick to take. In 1953, his son, a graduate of the Arts & Crafts school in Cluny, began to see the tremendous opportunities that his father had opened up: all that was required was to move the small craftsman’s workshop up a notch to industrialise it and so mechanize the manufacture of garden furniture. And so the 1900 range was born. Today, it remains almost exactly the same as the day it was created. In the 1980s, the iron garden furnitureLouisiane-Banc-Fermob-en-metal-et-en-couleurs marketfound itself in competition with one-piece plastic furniture sold on a large scale in supermarkets. The company had to reduce its activity and cut its workforce down from 60 to just 10 people in 1989. It was then that Bernard Reybier, looking for a business to buy, took over Fermob. The innovation of this visionary new CEO was soon to change all that: he altered the distribution policy, began exporting and gave the company a real identity, investing in R&D and cuttingedge industrial processes. In doing so, he reinvented the codes of outdoor furniture, combining metal, design and colour to make the brand’s top quality furniture accessible, mobile, functional, durable and fun. He took historical designs and had them reworked (the Bistro chair took on a new look with metal slats that could be coloured), undertook major research on techniques and materials and partnered with designers of many different nationalities and from all backgrounds, whom were either already recognized or soon to become so. Fermob’s designers attempt to utilise their own creative ideas whilst ensuring the article is completely user-friendly. They also take great care to ensure that their designs are compatible with the materials they use. All Fermob’s articles are designed to remain outdoors, and are fully weather-resistant. Both the technical design aspects and materials used (such as steel, aluminium and Outdoor Technical Fabric) further guarantee their longevity.Now Fermob furniture is available in India at worldbazaarindia. Get that french touch in your garden.

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03 Oct 283

Give your garden an Italian touch

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When it comes to enjoy your leisure time outdoors in summers, Garden umbrellas or Parasols come into play and provide a lot of shade in which to relish can enjoy the summer without having to fry in the sun. Be it at the dinner table or in the afternoon with the family for coffee. Modern Italian parasols offer this enough shade for the entire table. Scolaro was established 40 years ago and produced artisan wooden parasols. Tradition and knowledge gathered in all these years have allowed Scolaro to produce a wide range of parasols that has not only to shelter from the sun, but to personalize smartly furnishing for Gardens, balcony, backyard, restaurants and beach side. The design, the new technical solution and the combination of high quality materials are decisive for the technical evolution of the parasols, whose process of manufacture is entirely Italian.Also, the sunscreen, the more specifically, the protection against the pesky UV rays, is a perpetual topic in the area of ??shading. Whether Gastronomy umbrellas, parasols balcony, luxurious cantilever parasols, space-saving umbrellas with joint, large umbrellas for the whole family or something smaller for your patio. Find the right umbrella for every occasion and for every space.

#enjoy your leisure time #modern Italian parasols

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03 Oct 81

Brighten up your home and garden with “Fauteuil Altesse” !!

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With 9 rays, HIGHNESS chair brighten your home or garden! Indeed, thanks to the polyethylene that characterizes this piece, it is possible to place it in a bedroom or living room, but also outside. Its bright colors will energize the area around your pool, patio or game room, while more neutral colors give the refined elegance to your room or will blend naturally into the landscape. The chair measures 135 cm in height. The high chair has a width of 110 cm, foot create a gap of 54 cm, but the seat molded in polyethylene measuring 53 cm. It is resistant to weather and sunlight. The seat is actually a hollow which is close to the best of the human body curves. This forms the armrests to create an impression of the throne.Fluids and soft lines of the chair call everyone to sit comfortably!

#arm chair #home decor

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03 Oct 181

Tsjonge Jonge: A must-have in any living space!

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Flop down after a long day and simply relax . An ideal complement to your living room or garden , on your patio or around the pool. Place two or more Tsjonges together to create an over-sized couch.The Tsjonge – Young is the perfect combination of supreme comfort and stylish design. Whether you want to stretch out to read a book , your favorite series want to see , or want to sunbathe outside , Tsjonge – Young is in everywhere. With a choice of four basic colors and detail 9 matching fabrics you the Tsjonge – Young to buy adapt to your interior or garden . Do you go for a powerful combination of colors or choose a quiet shades of gray ? This Fatboy Outdoor stool is not only the perfect complement to the young adult outdoor armchair Tsjonge , he also makes a good figure when solo .Whether in terms of comfort or style , with its larger alter ego he can keep up almost across the board . For the Fatboy Jonge Outdoor stool is extremely changeable and brings in the colors orange , anthracite , light gray or green alone or as a combination of stools and chairs cool Fatboy style outside. Simple casual mood crouching , spontaneously relax and enjoy nature with all your senses – the Jonge does all this and much more with ! Contact

#relax #supreme comfort

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